Strength In Numbers

This past week has been a really exciting week for networking! It all started when Bret Contreras wrote a blog post titled “Where My Ladies At.” Be sure to check it out for yourself because it’s a very inspiring compilation of 13 strong women training hard in the gym!

Bret’s post was a take off of Nia Shanks Beautiful Badass movement. Nia is one STRONG female!! She can deadlift 300lbs and ladies, one look at Nia and you will see she is FAR from “bulky” – so get that silly myth out of your head right now if it’s your reason for not training heavy! I suggest you witness this for yourself, check Nia out here.

Monday after Bret’s post ran, Molly Galbraith and I were tweeting back and forth about lifting. That quickly turned into an idea of training together. She mentioned that she and Jen Comas Keck  were getting together to support Julia Kaufman Ladewski in a meet in August. I thought, let’s get some more ladies involved and one thing lead to another – now the weekend of August 20th evolved into a gathering of some serious brains, beauty and brawns! We will all be joining for one hell of a girls weekend to support Julia, train together and have a girls night out…including but not limited to Molly Galbraith, Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic, Jen Comas Keck, Mandy Stafford, Nia Shanks, Jen Grasso, Julia Kaufman Ladewski and possibly Neghar Fonooni. I am SO stoked to meet these amazing women, train, talk shop and hang!

Bret also connected a handful of us from his post (Thank you Bret). I can tell you readers this, great things are ahead. We are all going to put our strength, passion and brains together as we join forces to create a bigger movement for females and strength training.. REAL STRENGTH TRAINING.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out these Beautiful Badasses yourself. I have previously mentioned Jen Grasso, but make sure you bookmark the rest of them as they all have great knowledge, passion and hard work ethic!

Your valuable list of strong female resources:

Elsbeth Vaino – Her Blog and Female Fitness Forum
Molly Galbraith – On Elite FTS
Marianne Kane – Free Fitness Workouts
Rachel Guy – Rachel’s Website
Nia Shanks – Nia’s Website
Jen Grasso – Renegade Fitness, Jen’s Blog
Neghar Fonooni – Neghar’s Blog
Jen Comas Keck - Jen’s Blog and Interview on Robertson Training Systems
Cassandra Forsythe-Pribanic – Website (and link to her blog)
Julia Kaufman Ladewski – Blog
ellie Davis – Mother Fitness and Get Glutes

If I have missed anyone or another valuable website, please feel free to add them in the comments section!!

Again, I am so STOKED to begin networking with these incredible women of strength! Together we are going to bring new meaning to STRENGTH IN NUMBERS – we are joining forces to bring you all the best in the female side of the strength and conditioning industry.

In the words of Bret Contreras “It’s about time you gals made some shit happen” — AMEN!

More exciting news to come!

p.s. For those of you who want to check out the original Beautiful Badass post – you can check them out on Nia’s site. She is also in the works for creating great T Shirts. Join the movement!!

28 Comments on "Strength In Numbers"

  1. niashanks says:

    Hey, girl! Thanks for the mention and spreading the word about Beautiful Badasses!

    I am greatly looking forward to meeting, training, and hanging out with you and the other incredible ladies in that list. : )

    • allimckee says:

      My pleasure Nia, BB is a great concept – it’s catchy and it makes a woman feel proud! All the women out there should hear about it! Can’t wait to see the new site and T’s as well as meet you and the other girls in August!

  2. Marianne says:

    Great write up Allie! Boy would I love to be there to meet you guys :) The future looks bright :D

    • allimckee says:

      Thanks Marianne! The future is bright! I’m sure we’ll get you over here for a visit sooner or later! ;)

  3. Juliet says:

    Great post! I actually saw both Bret and Nia’s posts. You ladies are all a great motivation…and I would KILL to train with you. You are going to put some people to shame that day in the gym.

    • allimckee says:

      Thanks Juliet! and thanks for sharing the post! It will be a very fun day in the gym.. hopefully we’ll get some picts or youtube clips to share the madness! :)

  4. I’m so excited about this and flattered beyond words to be included! You ladies keep me SO fired up!

  5. Mike says:

    “Look like art; perform like a machine!”

    Good luck to you ladies.

    “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice.”

  6. Yvonna says:

    Wow, to be a fly on the wall for that gathering would be amazing!! I already follow most of ya’ll and can’t wait to see the posts that come from a gathering of such great women.

    • allimckee says:

      Thanks Yvonna! I am looking forward to seeing what blossoms from this weekend too – all things considered, friendships, articles, videos, ideas and more! Hopefully, it’ll spark some thoughts / action where we can one day get a lot more Women Of Strength together for a weekend ;)

  7. Thanks for the shout out, Alli. All of these ladies are incredible and inspire me to push harder everyday. I wish I could make it in August, but my kiddos will be back in school by then. Have fun and take lots of photos.


    • allimckee says:

      Absolutely Kellie! I agree with you on the inspiration — and to feel that internal fire of encouragement is priceless! Wish you could be there as well…but all the more reason to do it again!

  8. Yes you guys must document that workout session. You all are very inspirational women! Keep us posted!

    • allimckee says:

      Thank you Cindy and yes indeed! Thanks for posting :) … I will check out your most recent blog post and send my personal experience to you as well.. tomorrow is my heavy-duty computer work & study time :)

      Looking forward to keeping in touch and sharing the recap of this upcoming weekend in a few months!

  9. Erin says:

    LOVE this! How exciting and fun for you and all these amazing ladies! I admire all of you and you all bring so much positivity to the training world. Your strength is amazing! Can’t wait for the full report and pics/vids! :-)

    • allimckee says:

      Hi Erin, thanks so much for the support and for posting. Can’t wait to keep you all updated and hopefully we can make a big impact.. Afterall, in my opinion, STRENGTH (both inner and physical) = confidence…and we would all agree a CONFIDENT chic is a SEXY chic! …and who doesn’t want to feel strong, confident and sexy :)

  10. Awesome post, Alli! I wish I could be joining you for that awesome training weekend – you girls will have an awesome time!

    • allimckee says:

      Thanks Elsbeth! You’ll be there in spirit for sure …and as Marianne said, the future is bright and we’ll do it again :)

  11. Alli that would be great if you stopped by my blog and wrote about your personal experience I think that the more women actually talk about it the less it will be such a secret. I look forward to reading your post!

  12. I saw Bret’s blog post and it inspired me to write my own post on it. I LOVE the thought of dispelling that stupid bulky myth forever! I would love to have some women to lift with, but like a lot of other women, I’m an island in my gym. Ah well, one woman at a time right? Looking forward to seeing what’s coming up with you ladies!

    • allimckee says:

      Hey thanks! Yes, you are not the first woman to express to me that you wish there were more like-minded females in their gym… I hear ya! Regardless, it can even be difficult to find the right training partner when you consider schedules, style, goals, intensity, ability and personality! Sheesh, it’s like finding a good mate! Until then, we’ll stay connected through blogs, fb, etc and keep each other going! :)

  13. Rachel Guy says:

    I will be there on August the 20th in full “Beautiful Badass” Spirit!! I wish I could attend too! I expect to see lots of pics! But perhaps its should be an annual event?! I have already booked my trip to Vegas for the 1st week in Sept 2012…. Beautiful Badasses take on Vegas!?!? :) xx

  14. It’s going to be amazing. I, myself, am a little bummed I won’t be actually “training” with you guys the day before my meet, but I can’t say how pumped I am that everyone will be there!!! It’s going to be a blast. I think I’ll claim the roll of “video gal” during the training session and do all kinds of fun shots and interviews!!

    Seriously, an annual event. LOVE working with you ladies!!! Can’t wait for more awesome things!!!


    • allimckee says:

      Hey Julia! I love your energy! :) Thanks for participating in a meet that is bringing us all together, haha! …see, more benefits of training! “Video gal” I imagine, is going to be a very fun role too :) …7 more weeks!

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