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Let’s Catch Up!

“Well its been a long time glad to see your faceI knew we’d meet again another time another placeCant believe its been so many yearsYou’d better grab a chair and a couple of beers…”

Hello World!

As soon as I signed in to write this post, some old Jo Dee Messina lyrics came to mind :) It seems as though I write, promise to write more frequently and then a few more weeks or months go by again! I love to write, I absolutely love it. At this time however, my blog is simply a means to express my heart and connect with those reading so it takes a back seat from time to time.

Over the past few months, there’s been a lot going on and when I sit down to share / blog, it’s been directed over at our Girls Gone Strong site. For those of you who haven’t caught those posts, I’ve linked to them below. Thanks always for spending time on here and to many of you who have written kind notes towards my work. Also be sure to check out all the awesome posts from Molly and Neghar on, plus compilation GGS posts and our newest, GGS Spotlights.

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Sweet Potato Pancakes: Alli Tested, Carter Approved

Though I cannot take credit for the creation of this recipe, I can and will take credit for making them, eating them and loving them!

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Eat & Train to THRIVE

Part I: Eat to Thrive

For the past year, I’ve been eating with the mindset to maintain a lean physique. Prior to the past year, I competed in four figure competitions that kept me in either extreme discipline mode or at least an awareness / habit maintenance mode.

Under the coaching of Carter Schoffer, my nutrition has entailed protein, vegetables, fruit, starch (oats, rice, sweet potatoes, legumes), healthy fats, super shakes and supplementation. Along with that, I drank a ton of water and a fair amount of coffee (usually sweetened with splenda or stevia and a non dairy creamer – soy, almond or coconut milk).

Throughout the recent holiday months, I permitted myself some flex after last year’s holiday season was dedicated to the round-the-clock preparation and discipline for the Arnold Classic. I knew however, flex in my habits (read: alcohol and dessert) equaled a slightly softer physique which is fine, but not the physique I ultimately want for myself.

In a casual email exchange, Carter and I were discussing the disparity between my goals and my efforts. Carter is a special coach and he knows how to get through to me. The following is an excerpt from a larger email exchange Carter and I had. I have cut and pasted portions of his thought process because I think it‘s fair to say, even I, need a kick in the pants at times and I thought you all may benefit as well, from his thought process regarding “elite”

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Wow it’s been a long time since my last post! Time to brush the dust off!!

First things first…Today, I may have had a lesson in “failure.” It’s not often I don’t “succeed” and it’s a tough pill to swallow.

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Interview with Not Just A Man’s World (Part 1 & 2)

Shortly after completing the Arnold Classic, I had the pleasure to do an interview with Ammi on Not Just A Man’s World. Ammi put together a very thoughtful collection of questions that range from motivational topics, diet, training and personal tidbits. As Ammi mentions, she and I (especially when put together) are not short in our delivery – therefore, she is releasing this interview in four parts that will be running on Thursdays during the month of May.

For those of you who have followed my blog throughout these Figure preps, there is still never-before shared information due to the nature of Ammi’s questions. You can check out last week’s interview (part 1 here ) and this week’s interview (part 2 here). Stay tuned for the third and fourth portion to be released over the next two Thursdays.

Ammi’s blog has been on my blogroll for sometime now. She provides a great collection of information in a very well-organized manner. Make sure to navigate your way through her site and follow along as she discusses topics on training, dietary strategies for fat loss and women-specific challenges.

We hope you enjoy!