Press Play: Instrumental For Your Playlist

As promised, another playlist. I love instrumental music, it’s so versatile. Sometimes it’s simply ambiance music and other times I draw inspiration from these tracks. I play these when I cook, write, relax, drive, run.. It was hard to narrow this list, so I picked a few artists and tracks from my recent playlists. There is definitely variety in this playlist, so make sure to check them out.


1. Fuzzy prayer – General Fuzz
2. Cristo Redentor – Brian Tyler
3. Comfort Zone – General Fuzz
4. Lionheart – Emancipator
5. Anthem – Emancipator
6. Elements – Lindsey Stirling
7. Electric Daisy Violin – Lindsey Stirling
8. Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling
9. Song of the Caged Bird – Lindsey Stirling
10. Basique – Little People
11. Moon – Little People
12. Clubbed To Death (Kurayamino Variation) – Rob Dougan
13. Zoo York – Paul Oakenfold
14. Your Hand In Mine – Explosions In the Sky
15. The Only Moment We Were Alone – Explosions In the Sky
16. So Long, Lonesome – Explosions In the Sky
17. Just Jammin’ – Gramatik
18. Orchestrated Incident – Gramatik
19. Victory – Gramatik
20. Afterglow (feat. Soundmouse) – Phaeleh

Total Time: 1:36:51

4 Comments on "Press Play: Instrumental For Your Playlist"

  1. Thx, Allie, for the easy-listening list here — god for those long drives down the Internet Highway, when you’re all alone & want some “cool smooth’ sounds.

    Now, I am a big fan of 1980′s “Old Skool” hop-hop rap, of the type Grandmaster Flash & Furious Five did (back when they knew how to rap), but it’s good to jam “outside the box,” so to speak.

    PS: I linked a partial list of some of the classics, my all-time fav artists, in case anyone is curious (or bored).


  2. Great list. I will be listening to a few of these. Cheers for sharing!

  3. These are brilliant. Really good way to keep people motivated and sticking to regular exercise by changing the beats regularly, a lot of us can get bored quite quickly with our workouts. Thanks for sharing!

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