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Press Play: Instrumental For Your Playlist

As promised, another playlist. I love instrumental music, it’s so versatile. Sometimes it’s simply ambiance music and other times I draw inspiration from these tracks. I play these when I cook, write, relax, drive, run.. It was hard to narrow this list, so I picked a few artists and tracks from my recent playlists. There is definitely variety in this playlist, so make sure to check them out.


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Keep it Simple, Make it Significant

Keep it Simple, Make it Significant.” These were my intentions last night as I walked into my gym to train. I had some energy to burn but I didn’t have a plan. I pulled up a playlist and started an athletic, dynamic warm up. My warm up then turned in to practicing hand stands and eventually I decided I was going to challenge myself to some pull up volume. I wanted to see how many pull ups I could accomplish in one workout.

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Press Play: Pop For Your Playlist


Many of you may have noticed, my blog was down for a bit. Apparently hackers had a field day and then we had to wait for Google to reapprove things. Annoying, yes, but could I sweat it, not beyond the patience for it to be resolved. So, here we are again, “fall seven times, get up eight” ;-)

Among many blog post ideas, I’ve been sitting on an awesome instrumental playlist I wanted to provide you all. However, because I’m happy to be back in action, I thought I’d share a playlist to match. So, a bit of feel-good Pop first. Generally, I’d share music that’s a little less traditional than the “top 40″ but there’s a time and place for all in my collection.

Hope it BOOSTS you (and or your training) on a day where a cup of coffee may not be enough ;)

Have Fun!

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How Bad Do You Want It, Part II

Redefine Your Grind.
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Happy Birthday To My Mom, Point B

My mom is my best friend. She’s the most beautiful woman both inside and out. I am so grateful for the mother and woman she is, the person she (and my father) raised me to be and for the precious relationship we share. Today is my Mom’s BIRTHDAY and it’s one of those milestones that end in a zero!!

In honor of my mom, I wanted to share the following clip from a TED Talk that came through my email last week. It stuck my heart so big and I’ve been chomping at the bit to share it because it makes me think of her wishes for me and the unconditional love, support and shelter she gives.

I also thought it was most timely to share this clip in conjunction with Mother’s Day just around the corner; it’s titled “If I Should Have A Daughter” by Sarah Kay.

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Mom’s this weekend and a VERY Happy Birthday to my beautiful mom and best friend. Thank you for all that you do and all that you are. Cheers to sharing another year of big and small moments together and everything in between… (“Suddenly”)

Love you so much,
Your Baby Girl

Ps. I know, I know… “you love me more” ;-)

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