Random Thoughts & Things

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Just some random thoughts and things I’ve been accumulating and figured you may enjoy one or two to start your week.

First and foremost, music! ;-)

Current #1 song on repeat (for a chill vibe of course) – “Afterglow (ft. Soundmouse)” by Phaeleh

Runner Up song – “Just Jammin’” by Gramatik (this track makes me feel like I should be in a Jazz club / lounge with a martini and a group of fun friends)

Lesson of the Week:


Other good words of wisdom:

My mom gave me some great advise the other day that stuck. While it seems like a blanket statement, it was both empowering and comforting. She simply said “Trust yourself, you’re smart”Thanks, Mom.

“Stand for nothing fall for anything” - Alexander Hamilton

“When it comes to actions, always choose class” – ALLiM

“Sit Less, Sweat More” – ALLiM

“Live Healthy. Live Authentically. Live Passionately.” – ALLiM

Last but not least, it was a beautiful morning for a run today. Sixty degrees and sunny. I find people either hate running or they love it. I love it. Always have and probably always will. While it’s fun to do pull ups, push a sled or work on my yoga poses and handstands, nothing truly beats an outdoor run for me. With my sneakers, spandex and a good playlist, I’m on my way. I revisit this Runner’s Prayer often followed by a strong stride and fresh air. Regardless if we are being challenged or loved our stride is always matched.  Have a beautiful day.

3 Comments on "Random Thoughts & Things"

  1. broadus says:

    Amen! Real Talk and some powerful food for thought! I hope this finds you in high spirits and good health!


  2. Leo says:

    You give good vibes to start the week.
    Have a Happy Exercise Monday!

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