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Press Play: Instrumental For Your Playlist

As promised, another playlist. I love instrumental music, it’s so versatile. Sometimes it’s simply ambiance music and other times I draw inspiration from these tracks. I play these when I cook, write, relax, drive, run.. It was hard to narrow this list, so I picked a few artists and tracks from my recent playlists. There is definitely variety in this playlist, so make sure to check them out.


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Random Thoughts & Things

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Just some random thoughts and things I’ve been accumulating and figured you may enjoy one or two to start your week.

First and foremost, music! ;-)

Current #1 song on repeat (for a chill vibe of course) – “Afterglow (ft. Soundmouse)” by Phaeleh

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Press Play: Pop For Your Playlist


Many of you may have noticed, my blog was down for a bit. Apparently hackers had a field day and then we had to wait for Google to reapprove things. Annoying, yes, but could I sweat it, not beyond the patience for it to be resolved. So, here we are again, “fall seven times, get up eight” ;-)

Among many blog post ideas, I’ve been sitting on an awesome instrumental playlist I wanted to provide you all. However, because I’m happy to be back in action, I thought I’d share a playlist to match. So, a bit of feel-good Pop first. Generally, I’d share music that’s a little less traditional than the “top 40″ but there’s a time and place for all in my collection.

Hope it BOOSTS you (and or your training) on a day where a cup of coffee may not be enough ;)

Have Fun!

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Press Play. Hip Hop for Your Training

If you and I were meeting for the first time, you would discover three of my loves very fast… 1. training 2. the beach and 3. music. Even as a little girl, I can recall sitting by my radio waiting for certain songs to come on just so I could hit the “record” button on my cassette player. (Thank goodness for the progression in acquiring music) ;-) Then in high school, I became most known for my playlists and mixed cds. Still today, two of my regular spending indulgences are manicures and music.

What’s my favorite? I rarely discriminate ;-) but I probably listen to Hip Hop and R&B / Soul most. I also have an ear, mood and appreciation for dance / electronic, reggae, country, alternative, rock and of course, instrumental. My father is definitely gifted musically – I wish I was too, but I at least got his ear for it. Before I devoted myself to the fitness industry, I actually wanted to take the record industry by storm either as a DJ (ALMA would have been my stage name which not only are my initials but the word “Soul” in spanish as well) or I wanted to be an A&R Rep in the music industry. Instead, training grabbed my attention more but music still makes my world go round.

Different things catch me in a song. Usually it’s the message via lyrics, followed by an energy (beat) or emotion. Needless to say, I always use music to enhance my training sessions. I operate to different playlists whether I’m out for a run, in a strength training session or hitting strictly conditioning.

I frequently post about a song here and there, so thought it was time again to share a playlist. The following are some of my fav Hip Hop songs to train to. Some are old, some are current. Some you’re probably familiar with while others are hopefully new-found gems. This is by no means an exhaustive list but a “few” of my favs that get me fired up… and no, you will not find anything like “Call Me Maybe” on this playlist ;-) sorry.



So without further adieu, an ALMA Playlist ;)

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The Return & The Fire

Wow, I feel the need to get reacquainted within this first blog post. It feels like I’m writing for the first time and needless to say, it feels so good to write again.

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