How to Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry

There’s never been a resource like this offered before now.  If you are at all interested in writing for magazines, having your own successful blog, communicating with your clients more effectively through your newsletters or maybe even writing your own book – this is a must have addition to your library. CLICK HERE! or read on…

MANY fitness professionals out there are looking to expand their careers and voice. They aspire to share their passion, knowledge, experience and reach the masses. One-way to do this is through social media. Another (read: more effective and lucrative way) is through blogging, creating a community and getting published in the magazines or even a book.

Lou Schuler, John Romaniello, and Sean Hyson (all very seasoned and successful pro’s in the industry) have teamed up to offer you an inside advantage towards getting published, building your business and hopefully getting paid in the process.

After having the opportunity to work and or spend time with Lou, Roman and Sean – I can personally say, not only are they awesome guys, but all are at the top of their game professionally. They’ve put the labor and time into their careers, now they’re generous enough to help show you the way. CLICK HERE or read on.. ;-)

How to Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry
covers literally EVERYTHING an aspiring training or nutrition writer needs to know.


* How to get started as a writer
* How to tailor your work to specific audiences
* How editors like Lou and Sean do their jobs
* What kinds of fitness stories sell
* How to structure an article for a magazine
* How to pitch an article to an editor
* How to write a book proposal that gets the attention of a publisher
* How to start a blog that generates a six-figure income


For a closer look - HTGP is actually five ebooks in one product which include:


Part 1: Sit Your Ass Down and Write helps you understand the basics of writing. Lou Schuler explains that all good writing is a conversation you have with your readers, while fitness writing is a type of conversation in which you offer the promise of a specific biological benefit in exchange for the reader’s time and attention.

Part 2: Fitness Blogging for Fun and Profit shows you Roman’s step-by-step system, from choosing a name for your blog (and, by extension, your online identity), to attracting an audience, building an email list, and eventually creating steady, dependable, and in some cases substantial income from your efforts.

Part 3: How to Get Published in Magazines lifts the curtain on a business that seems mysterious from the outside. How do you make contact with an editor? How do you know what he’s looking for? How do you craft a pitch that stands out from the others? And if you get the assignment, how do you actually put your article together? Sean answers these questions, along with all the ones you would never think to ask.

Part 4: How to Write a Book takes you through the process that begins with an unformed idea and ends, in the best-case scenario, with a published book that not only satisfies your ambition but also finds an audience and lifts you into a new tax bracket. Lou explains what readers are looking for, what editors want to see from a first-time author, how conventional publishing works, and how to decide if you should self-publish your book.

Part 5: The Writing Life answers more questions a fitness or nutrition professional would never think to ask about your new part-time career in publishing.


In addition to that, Sean Hyson conducted five bonus interviews with industry experts about writing and creating a personal brand. Interviews include:

Jason Ferruggia, who explains how to build an audience by blogging in a voice that’s true to yourself.

Craig Ballantyne, who describes how he built his huge and lucrative email list, how he communicates with his readers via blog posts and newsletters, and how he creates and launches so many successful products and services.

Nate Green, who walks Sean through his writing process, explaining how he budgets his time and the tricks he uses to maximize his productivity.

Jason Lengstorf, the go-to web designer for fitness pros (he created sites for Roman, Sean, Nate, Lou and many others), reveals how he makes websites easy to use while also giving them distinct looks that reflect the owner’s personal brand.

Roman, who offers perhaps the most valuable advice for any current or aspiring writer: how to leverage online success and popularity into a lucrative book deal.

How to Get Published: Writing Domination in the Fitness Industry
is a definitive guide to writing for yourself, for your clients, for your fellow fitness and nutrition pros, and, potentially, for the millions of people who need your help but don’t yet know how much great information you can provide.

A package that includes five ebooks and five bonus audio interviews—is on sale this week only for $97. On September 24 the price will go up to $147.

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