Shed Fat & Shape Your Legs

Don’t miss the May issue of Oxygen Magazine! Just a few more weeks left to grab your copy off the newsstands for an inside look as Sled Training hits the mainstream magazines!

Last year was an exciting time for me as I began developing a relationship with the staff at Oxygen Magazine. Over several months, we worked together to create a killer feature article on Sled Training – one of my favorite training tools for a great challenge, a lot of bang for your buck and a ton of fun!

Finally, a few weeks ago, the piece was released and we can all see and enjoy the fruit of the labor! Sled Training is not just for the Performance Athlete – Sled Training can and should be done by all!

For additional information on this feature, you can also go to

A HUGE thanks to the staff at Oxygen – Rachel, Val, Paul, Diane, Stacy, Nadia, Erin and the many others who contributed to a memorable experience and who put together such a special piece!

2 Comments on "Shed Fat & Shape Your Legs"

  1. Juliet says:

    Hi Alli, I just found your blog today, great post. It’s actually a little ironic to have found this post today as I ordered a sled online yesterday. I might see if I can track down that copy of Oxygen so I can incorporate some of if with my new toy.

  2. allimckee says:

    Hey Juliet, that’s awesome and thanks!! I believe you can order past issues of Oxygen from their website — Have fun with the sled! It’s one of my favorite training toys :)

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