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Time, Effort and Success

Every so often, I receive an email from a friend, client or colleague who shares something that motivated them. I watch each video that is sent to me, because quite often, they fuel my own tank of inspiration. The following video is a message certainly worth sharing. 

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How Bad Do YOU Want It?

“When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful!”

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Strong Is Both Beautiful & Badass!

My goodness, it’s already been two weeks since the first meeting of the Beautiful Badass Women. Where does the time go?   

Nia, Jen, Julia, Alli, Sarah, Marianne, Molly

 A Quick Recap: The Evolution of the Beautiful Badass Weekend

Things started to evolve with a group of us female trainers / lifters when Bret Contreras compiled a list of his 13 Beautiful Badasses. Bret’s blog post was an extension of Nia Shanks idea that women can be both strong and feminine – hence the term, Beautiful Badass was born. Before this, I had not been exposed to some of these incredible women. Fortunately, the stars aligned and one thing lead to the next…

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Talking Shop and Motivation

Last week was an exciting professional week to say the least!! In a span of five days, I had the pleasure of interviewing with Jim Laird for BlogTalkRadio (Wednesday 8/17) followed by Kevin Larrabee on TheFitCast (Thursday 8/18). The very next day I was packing my bags to head out to Cincinnati, OH / Covington, KY to train and experience a weekend with a group of remarkable women that exceeded my expectations on all levels. I will share with you the Beautiful Badass Weekend in the next post.

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No introduction needed for this post, I’m going to let this video speak for itself. :)

When you are struggling, find the voice of this coach in your own head and heart and KEEP GOING. EVERYTHING YOU GOT. DON’T QUIT. YOUR VERY BEST. KEEP DRIVING. KEEP GOING. IT’S ALL HEART FROM HERE. KEEP GOING.