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Press Play: Pop For Your Playlist


Many of you may have noticed, my blog was down for a bit. Apparently hackers had a field day and then we had to wait for Google to reapprove things. Annoying, yes, but could I sweat it, not beyond the patience for it to be resolved. So, here we are again, “fall seven times, get up eight” ;-)

Among many blog post ideas, I’ve been sitting on an awesome instrumental playlist I wanted to provide you all. However, because I’m happy to be back in action, I thought I’d share a playlist to match. So, a bit of feel-good Pop first. Generally, I’d share music that’s a little less traditional than the “top 40″ but there’s a time and place for all in my collection.

Hope it BOOSTS you (and or your training) on a day where a cup of coffee may not be enough ;)

Have Fun!

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Music Makes My World Go Round, Vol 2!!

Well! My tank is full of hustle and motivation these days!! I am gearing up for a photoshoot in six weeks and it’s on to two-a-days. With all the extra activity, I have filled my ipod with new and energetic beats :) As promised, Music Makes My World Go Round Vol 2 is below! If you dig these tracks, you can check out Volume 1 here for another glimpse at my current playlist.

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